Tutorial: Maat – Cosmic Balance


Maat – Cosmic Balance

Maat is a daughter of Ra; the goddess and principle of truth, justice, harmony and cosmic balance.

In this video you learn how to properly practice the Maat Pose and Maat Flow on a physical, mental and spiritual level. It’s all about being pure, being truthful, being righteous, being orderly within yourself. That means understanding your oneness with the universe, understanding that you are a child of the Supreme Being. You are the master of the universe as you exist by Maat.

“From the perspective of the traditional African approach to life, Maat can described as the key idea which recurs in most African societies as the influence of right and righteousness, justice and harmony, balance, respect, and human dignity. A way of life practiced everywhere on the continent, long before capitalism, colonialism, and neocolonial activities came to tangle the world.“ – The Kraal Guide to African Spirituality

One way to liberate yourself and for Africa to self liberate is to restore maatic thinking. Maat is not only the law that balances and harmonizes a society, Maat protects it. More justice, more peace!

A special thanks goes to Akosua Aset, who taught me this wonderful Maat Flow, shown in the video.

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