African Yoga Poster


The African Yoga Poster features 29 poses. From the easiest poses (Khepri) to intermediate (Sebek) and advanced ones (Selket). It is designed so that you can flow through all 29 poses, starting with Uaa Kehpri and ending in Nefertem.

The backside from the poster features a phrase from the Book of Emerging Forth into the Light aka the Egyptian Book of the Dead:

“Un-na uat neb am pet am ta.”

“The power is within me to open all doors in heaven and earth.”

Whether you’re looking for a practical aid to your Kemetic Yoga practice or just some art to hang on your wall, this poster makes a great addition to your Yoga studio or home practice space.


Additional information

  • measurements: DIN A3 (29,7cm x 42cm)
  • sold without frame
  • No products in the BÁG.