3kwan So Travel Yoga Mat


This mat is especially suitable for your asana and meditation practice because the organic cotton enables the flow of life force (also called Sekhem or prana) unlike most other rubber mats which have an insulating effect. When seated in meditation pose, the earth’s energy can be fully absorbed and travels from the sacrum to the crown to connect with the Absolute.

Ideal for travelers or to be used as an additional layer at home.

This lightweight mat is easy-to-pack.



  • 207cm x 75cm x 0.3cm
  • 1kg
  • organic cotton
  • handwoven
  • wool white
  • hand-painted black print with natural colors
  • extremely absorbent
  • feels great against the skin
  • odor free
  • non-toxic material
  • ideal for travelling due to its light weight and small pack size
  • packaging: fully recyclable and no plastic

Adinkra Symbols

The seven Adinkras on the mat are substitutions for the seven main chakras.
Each Adinkra has specific qualities of symbolism, characteristics, phonetics and animals which correspond to the substituted chakra.

  • Sunsum = Spirituality
  • Ohene = Foresight, Wisdom
  • Adinkrahene = Leadership, Charisma
  • Osrane Ne Nsoromma = Love, Harmony
  • Dwennimm3n = Strength, Toughness
  • D3nky3m = Adaptability
  • Asase Ye Duru = Divinity of the Earth


  • hand wash (machine-washable on “hand-wash” or “delicate” setting)
  • wash separately in cold water
  • do not use any detergent or fabric softener
  • do not bleach
  • do not tumble dry
  • lay flat to dry
  • warm iron if necessary
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