• Smai Tawi

    My Introduction to Smai Tawi and Kemetic Principles

    My Introduction to Smai Tawi and Kemetic Principles In this video Isa Konga is sharing how she has been introduced to the teachings of Smai Tawi, which are the benefits and what attracts her to the practice. With German, English and soon Portuguese subtitles! By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s privacy policy.Learn more …

  • Maat and her 42 laws

    Maat and her 42 laws Maat is the daughter of Ra; the goddess and principle of truth, justice, harmony and cosmic balance. She is recognizable by an ostrich feather and more rarely by symbols of scales. Maat teaches us to be pure, truthful, righteous and orderly within ourself. That means understanding our oneness with the universe, understanding …

  • What is Smai Tawi?

    What is Smai Tawi?   Smai Tawi is a more than 7000 years old spiritual African practice from the Nile valley. It is all about leaving limitations behind and becoming one with the divine; in short, it is all about unity and harmony. The goal is to merge the personal lower self and the higher …

  • Interview Isa Konga

    Three questions to Isa Konga, the founder of YOGA KONGA

    Three questions to Isa Konga, the founder of YOGA KONGA What is YOGA KONGA? As the name implies, YOGA KONGA is about Yoga – both Kemetic Yoga and Indian yoga, – as well as African dyeing techniques, sustainability and empowerment. In the first phase, the collection will include a bra, yoga pants and shorts as well …

  • Yoga Konga Travis Matthews

    Travis Matthews: the man behind the YOGA KONGA photos

    Travis Matthews: the man behind the YOGA KONGA photos Travis Matthews is a portrait and fashion photographer born in Georgetown, Guyana. He came to New York in 2001, lived in Brooklyn for about 3 years and then in Harlem ever since. His Instagram bio says “Create to Inspire“ and “There is beauty and inspiration in …

  • Yoga Konga Joannas Essentials

    Interview with Joannas Essentials

    Interview with Joannas Essentials  YouTuber and Creative Consultant Joanna is an inspiring young woman, who strives to live authentically, confidently and in tune with nature. She would be best described as a multifaceted artist and entrepreneur, for she loves to create films, take photos, write, dance, sing, do hair and DIY natural hair concoctions for a …

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