• Interview Isa Konga

    Three questions to Isa Konga, the founder of YOGA KONGA

    Three questions to Isa Konga, the founder of YOGA KONGA What is YOGA KONGA? As the name implies, YOGA KONGA is about Yoga – both Kemetic Yoga and Indian yoga, – as well as African dyeing techniques, sustainability and empowerment. In the first phase, the collection will include a bra, yoga pants and shorts as well …

  • Yoga Konga Joannas Essentials

    Interview with Joannas Essentials

    Interview with Joannas Essentials  YouTuber and Creative Consultant Joanna is an inspiring young woman, who strives to live authentically, confidently and in tune with nature. She would be best described as a multifaceted artist and entrepreneur, for she loves to create films, take photos, write, dance, sing, do hair and DIY natural hair concoctions for a …

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