The name says it all: Launched in 2019, YOGA KONGA is a clothing brand that unites yoga with the African continent.

Konga is the last name of Isa, the founder of YOGA KONGA. The pieces of the collection are in essence yoga wear, but are designed as a second skin for any occasion, making them wearable at home, during everyday activities and any type of sports.

YOGA KONGA is not just clothing – we are on a mission to teach about sustainability, yoga and especially Kemetic Yoga, African spiritualities, fabrics and symbolism, as well as how to live a fulfilling life in harmony.

YOGA KONGA represents black excellence and empowerment.


Wawa Aba AdinraAll this is reflected in the Ghanaian Adinkra symbols found in the YOGA KONGA logo. Here, the Wawa Aba Adinkra is in the foreground. Wawa Aba is the seed of the abachi tree,which is surrounded by a very hard outer shell. This hard shell is broken by the delicate seedling and thus symbolizes resistance and endurance. In the Akan culture Wawa Aba symbolizes a person who is extraordinarily powerful and enduring. And these characteristics stand behind the brand’s philosophy.

In addition to the brand’s emphasis on Africa and the history of yoga, YOGA KONGA focusses on sustainability.

All textiles are made from organic bamboo fiber.

Bamboo fabric is not only sustainable and protects our resources, but also functions perfectly as sportswear: It is cooling on the skin and transports moisture very well. It is antistatic, soft and firm at the same time, making it very gentle on the skin and giving optimal support. Bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal and thus odor-resistant – a true all-rounder for any physical activity.

The fabric is dyed with valuable, natural indigo, which is sourced by local farmers in Indonesia. The blue tone achieved can vary slightly, depending on the indigo harvest, making every single product unique. The fabrics are dyed by hand with traditional tie-dye techniques from West Africa.

For centuries, the indigo plant has played an important role within traditional African medicine. Modern studies have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory and arthritis-alleviating properties. Traditionally, wounds, gastrointestinal complaints and inflammation have been cured with the indigo plant and given to women during and after birth. The indigo plant can also be taken as an aphrodisiac. The healing and protective properties can be transferred to the fabric through the coloring process, which means the fabric on your skin will benefit your overall health.

Our founder


Isa first came in touch with yoga 10 years ago and has immersed herself deeper and deeper into the universe of yoga ever since. She has begun to embark on the journey of exploring early yoga practices in Africa and is now a great follower of Kemetic Yoga.

Isa is multi-faceted: she is a single-mother to a 10-year old daughter, a student of mechanical engineering, works as a model, Smai Tawi and yoga teacher, and founded and launched her own label, YOGA KONGA, in 2019.

“In an ideal world everyone would be the projection of their true essence. Let’s create this unlimited world together.”

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